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Heritage Restoration

Wall-Tech Restoration Inc. recognizes the growing need for the preservation, conservation and protection of historically significant buildings and landmarks. We specialize in the re-use of existing building materials and the alteration of new materials for use in a heritage restoration project. We will create a seamless bridge from the old into the new while preserving the character of the structure.

Wall Cladding Systems

Wall-Tech Restoration Inc. professionally installs many different types of cladding systems for a wide range of applications. Whether it is for aesthetic purposes, water infiltration or wind infiltration Wall-Tech Restoration Inc. will install, fix, or modify the system in an efficient and professional manner while holding the highest standards of care in the process. Some of the systems which we are professionally trained to install are:

  • ‣ Vinyl & Metal Siding
  • ‣ Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS) & Stucco
  • ‣ Various Curtain Wall Systems
  • ‣ Brick Veneer Panels
  • ‣ Architectural Coatings
  • ‣ Concrete Masonry Unit Walls (CMU`s)


Concrete and masonry are the oldest and by far the most common type of building material in the world. Wall-Tech Restoration Inc. has a vast, extensive knowledge and experience with all types of masonry repairs including but not limited to the repair and/or replacement of:

Mortar Joint Re-pointing

Vertical and Horizontal Control Joints

  • ‣ Localized Brick/Block
  • ‣ Full Panel Brick/Block
  • ‣ Culture Stone
  • ‣ Coping Stone
  • ‣ Precast Concrete
  • ‣ Marble and Granite
  • ‣ Glass Architectural Block
  • ‣ Slab-on-grade
  • ‣ Balcony Slab Repairs and replacement including:
    • ‣ Deep Concrete Repair
    • ‣ Shallow Concrete Repair
    • ‣ Slab Edge Repair
    • ‣ Hollow Core Slab Repair
    • ‣ Structural Steel

Sealants and Waterproofing

Waterproofing and sealants are used in the construction industry stop the infiltration of moisture into the building envelope, to provide thermal insulation as well as noise mitigation. Wall-Tech Restoration Inc. is a certified applicator of many traffic deck coating systems including both Neogard® and Tremco®’s Vulkem®. Wall-Tech Restoration Inc. also specializes in all types of sealants such as:

  • ‣ Silicones
  • ‣ Urethanes
  • ‣ Polyurethanes
  • ‣ Acrylics
  • ‣ Polysulphides
  • ‣ Latexes
  • ‣ Rubberized Asphalts

PVC Waterproofing

Wall-tech Restoration Inc. is a certified applicator of Duradek™, a waterproofing vinyl membrane flooring solution. The ability to create a vast array of designs, textures and colours has been achieved with this roll out vinyl membrane coating. The roll out system is very beneficial in areas which cannot be closed off for extended durations and when proper ventilation becomes a health issue with the traditional liquid applied waterproofing systems.

Door and Window Replacement

North America has been making major shifts in the way that structures are being built and retrofitted. More and more property managers and owners are looking for ways to become more ‘green’ by reducing the ecological footprint which the building leaves. One of the most efficient ways of reducing a building’s environmental impact is by replacing old inefficient windows and doors with new Energy Star rated windows and doors. Wall-Tech Restoration Inc. is a certified window wise™ installer, and supplies and installs both residential and commercial windows and doors of all shapes, sizes and designs that are engineered to be as energy efficient as possible.


Wall-Tech Restoration Inc. has extensive experience and knowledge of building sciences and of the problems that occur within the building’s envelope. Our equipment for exterior access is very modern, up-to-date and is frequently used by engineering consultants under our operation for investigations and to assess conditions up close and document accordingly. Wall-Tech Restoration Inc. offers the ability for clients to have a single contractor for everything from the investigations to the final closeout of the successful project.


Wall-Tech Restoration Inc. acts as a general contractor for various types of roofing replacement and preventative maintenance on many different flat and pitched roofing systems. Wall-Tech Restoration Inc. provides certified roofing membrane installers ensuring that the systems are professionally installed to the highest quality. Some types of roofing systems install are:

  • ‣ Thermoset (Synthetic Rubber)
  • ‣ Thermoplastic Membrane
  • ‣ Modified Bitumen
  • ‣ Sloped Steel
  • ‣ Shingles