Basement Flooring

Basement Flooring

Today, there are unlimited basement flooring alternatives and ideas. So, as a homeowner, you should understand the best flooring material that guarantees efficient results.

Hardwood is one flooring material most Toronto homes have. The hardwood, unfortunately, gets damaged with moisture over time – and you should always consider other durable options.

Basement Flooring in Toronto

Best flooring material for the basement

Before installing that favorite flooring material you want, check that it complies with Toronto building codes. Consult with the renovation company to avoid any further damages.

Here are a few top choices most renovation companies offer. Plus their advantages.

Epoxy: Epoxy is a unique way to finish off the basement floor. Epoxy is a smooth, durable, and an easy to maintain floor material.

Furthermore, epoxy is the best choice if you want to transform the basement into a home gym room or an entertainment wing.

Ceramic tile: Ceramic tiles are traditional flooring material. They are also easy to maintain and durable options for the basement floor.

As a homeowner, you can renovate the basement floor with trendy ceramic tiles to upgrade the room"s general appearance.

Vinyl planks: Vinyl planks are flooring materials available in diverse styles. Also, they are easy to install and offer great value for your money.

Renovate your basement floor with stylish vinyl planks today.

Engineered wood flooring: Renovation companies advice using engineered wood flooring on moist free basements. Engineered wood is a thin solid wood flooring substitute that bonds with the concrete floor to enhance the basement finish.

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