Basement Finishing

Basement Finishing

The ideal Toronto renovation company should provide unique basement finishing at affordable charges.

Note that a complete basement finishing includes a series of steps.

Here is the step-by-step procedure most basement renovation companies in Toronto recommend.

Basement Finishing in Toronto

Get a permit as the homeowner

In Toronto, it is always advisable to get a permit for any construction work. This permit is important when you intend to sell your property in future. The inspector will require the permit to understand the standards used during construction.

Eliminate the dampness

Check for traces of dampness before finishing off the basement. Dampness usually affects the installation of a drywall and the framing.

Local renovation companies in Toronto always advise eliminating the dampness prior to starting the basement finishing project.

The best renovation contractor will use necessary equipment like a dehumidifier, sump pump, or basement waterproofing cement to eliminate the dampness.

Choose your preferred material

There are a lot of materials for the basement walls, floor, and ceiling in the market today. An ideal renovation company will help you choose between carpets or laminate for the floor, dry wall or plaster for the basement wall, and exposed or drop ceiling for the basement roof.

Design and layout

It can be challenging to decide on the particular basement finishing design. Luckily, most renovation companies offer advice on different designs for their clients.

The renovation company will advise you on where to install the utility rooms or how to partition the basement for additional space.

Installing insulation and framing the walls

Insulating and framing the basement requires expertise. In this step, you should pick the best Toronto home renovation company for quality results.

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